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Latest and Greatest

Recently Craft CMS has made a lot of great changes. So many awesome additions with the 3.4 update. First off, the Control Panel now has a redesigned look and feel. It really adds to the overall experience. Some other changes include the Draft change tracking. It will now show you what changes have been made in the draft vs the published entry. This helps with not overwriting other users edits. Assets have had a lot of updates such as better permissions and ability to preview PDF and video. There is now better exporting, a queue manager, better project config setup and a craft shell. The craft shell is accessed on the command line using ./craft shell. I am very impressed with all of the recent changes and how far Craft has come since the initial 3.0 update. Kudos to the Craft team and I would say this is exactly why I love Craft. For a list of all the changes see Craft 3.4 is Here!