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Exciting new updates from Craft

Craft 3.5 is now in the release candidate phase and will be a full release very shortly. I have been testing out all the new features and some of them look pretty great. Some of the info you need to know to prepare for the upgrade is listed here. Project Config is getting a full overhaul and looks like it will work much better going forward. Instead of one file, the setting are broken out into various files and folders to make things work better. One of the neat features is allowing more customization controls over the fields elements for how they are stacked and how they are labeled. This will make customization for clients even better than it already was. There are so many other great changes and performance updates that are going into this release. This is another reason why I love Craft CMS. They are very active in developing this CMS to be better with each iteration. For the full list of changes see the github release notes.