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Mr Robot: Changing up my automated task runners and bundlers

Lately I have been trying out various current bundlers that go along with the newer frameworks like Vue or React. I have figured out Webpack and find it very powerful but can be a pain to setup. This is why I found Laravel Mix. It is a wrapper around Webpack that makes the process of setting up your Sass and JS compiling a breeze. It comes out of the box with a lot of the tools needed to do this like Babel, CSS and JS minification, and versioning. It gives you pretty much everything you need to get going on a Vue project and allows you to add onto it if you need to further customize Webpack.

Previously I was using either Grunt or Gulp with a lot of customization on the plugins to get it to work with the current framework needs. Webpack can be a little slower at times, I have noticed, but overall I would highly recommend it to try and see if it helps your development setup.